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Which Subliminal Makers To Trust?

By Triple A Tanzanite - August 9, 2021
Which Subliminal Makers To Trust?

Subliminal makers to trust are subliminal makers that publish their subliminal scripts in their entirety. Most subliminal makers are intentionally hiding their scripts by telling to trust the results and not to worry about seeing their affirmations. 

These subliminal makers are deceivers and are using the art of misdirection to confuse you. Take Velmental Audio’s video - How To Detect Fake Subliminals Results - I found one. 

In this video Velmental goes on to use the deceptive act of misdirection by making people focus on subliminal artwork which is bizarre because this subliminal maker has been caught adding negative subliminals that people have to detect on their own. 

How does detecting layers in artwork and copy and pasting elements in artwork have anything to do with what you are listening to? 

The audio is where the deception lies because when the listener has to blindly accept mysterious affirmations it gives someone with bad intentions the opportunity to sneak in evil affirmations.

The truth of the matter is if you are not hiding anything why not publish your scripts for all the public to see? 

The claim that Velmental and the other bad subliminal makers have the most results is false because no one can know or quantify how results are measured by everyone who has listened to his subs. What are you hiding? 

Why are all of these subliminal makers not publishing their full scripts? As the leaders of the subliminal community we now declare the following practices to be deceptive:

Deception 1: Claiming to change a body part by enhancing it or shrinking it in size or changing its color is the biggest deception any subliminal maker can commit.

It is grossly irresponsible to upload a subliminal that claims to change the size of someone’s nose, the color of their eyes and skin, and changes like height, bone structure, and race should be considered a major deception and falsehood. 

The subliminals that claim they can do this should be categorized as deception. Creating a subliminal that says someone can shrink their nose just by listening to a subliminal is reckless and grossly immoral and is an outright lie. 

Deception 2: Not publishing your entire script is the second but it is equally as offensive as the first deception. 

When you create a subliminal and tell people just to believe in the results and you deprive them of the chance to read through your affirmations then you are asking them to blindly accept that you have added affirmations with good intentions.

It’s not like YouTube is rewarding the subliminal community anyway, look around, silly cat uploads get more views than Small Baby Forehead. I mean Small Baby Forehead, Really? 

How naive people must be to believe that listening to a subliminal can give them a small baby forehead and you wonder why the subliminal community has a bad name. Who even wants a small baby forehead?

It is easy to offer subliminals for free and advantageous if you are giving away negative affirmations to an unsuspected victim. 

Once again if all of these subliminal makers are giving away freebies all the time how do you differentiate the real subliminal studios from the fake ones? 

You can’t! 

The real subliminal makers know how much time and effort it takes to create an authentic subliminal and we know how much value each subliminal has. And sites like Brainwave Entrainment MP3 are the pioneers that know that premium subliminals should come with a full script. 

After all, we know our subliminals are ethical because we know we are promising to affect someone’s behavior without claiming to change a body part. 

Even in our case for the more esoteric subliminals we openly publish the script for you to see so you know the philosophical content and can decipher it for yourself. 

So it is incredibly damaging to the subliminal community when every channel on YouTube is publishing subs without scripts. 

Remember the statement “Too Good To Be True”? Well, think about how much junk is floating around on YouTube these days. 

If you deprive someone of seeing the entire script then you are hiding something, period. Why go all the lengths to publish a subliminal and stop short at adding the affirmations? 

If the affirmations are too long you can easily add a link to a file so people can download the affirmations or read them in the cloud. 

Remember the music and tones can't inherently be evil however the words and phrases that are programmed by a subliminal maker can have malicious intent. If you can’t receive the full script then don’t listen to the subliminal. Don’t trust anyone, period. 

Brainwave Entrainment MP3 has published every script for every subliminal we have ever created and we have made this the standard across the subliminal community. 

Subliminals are meant to install new behaviors, alter beliefs and use the new beliefs that are installed to manifest desires. 

Subliminals are not meant to change someone’s nose to a teeny-tiny nose or the most offensive one - melanin remover! I find the melanin remover subliminal to be racist and disgusting. 

Melanin is the brown to black pigmentation in human skin and is why some people are darker than others. To use melanin removal as a disguise for outright racism is obvious for those who are well informed on the subject of racist tropes and racism. 

Brainwave Entrainment MP3 is a subliminal maker you can trust. Our book Brainwave Entrainment MP3's Anthology: The Complete Subliminal Scripts can be downloaded from Amazon or purchased as a paperback. You can visit our YouTube channel to learn more about our subliminals.