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The Difference Between Supraliminals And Subliminals

By Triple A Tanzanite - August 25, 2021
The Difference Between Supraliminals And Subliminals

For most of the subliminals we publish a subliminal track is under a supraliminal track. The difference between the two types of tracks is the supraliminal track is the audible and perceivably loud voice and the subliminal is the barely audible or perceivably silent voice. 

For example, in Attract Mystery Money Out Of The Blue you can hear what we term the "Main Script" centered as the loud track. This loud track is the supraliminal script. 

The affirmations that you can't hear directly is the subliminal script. 

In most cases, we add a left channel script (panned completely to the left) and a right channel script (panned completely to the right.

This provides 360 degrees of affirmation coverage so you can have a fully immersive experience and maximizes the results. 

We know the supraliminal track adds more power to any subliminal recording and it's our preferred method when crafting subliminals.

We also know that the supraliminal track just like music lyrics is catchy, rhyming, and repetitious enough to also pass into the subconscious which is why we include them together as a complete recording.

You ever just start singing a song out of nowhere? Do you just completely start belting out or tune or reciting lyrics from a rap song?

That is because that song was stored in your memory and made it into your subconscious and something randomly made you start saying the lyrics. 

This is why supraliminals are so important to the bigger picture of getting results along with subliminals.