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How To Get Results With Money Subliminals And Make Them Work - The Complete Key To The Law Of Attraction

By Triple A Tanzanite - August 25, 2021
How To Get Results With Money Subliminals And Make Them Work - The Complete Key To The Law Of Attraction

In order to get results from a money subliminal, you need to reprogram your brain to accept money. If you read this entire blog article you will get a never-before-revealed secret process to prime your brain to get results. 

Money is obtainable by anyone on the planet Earth, anyone can receive money, accumulate money or spend money. But no one on Earth is going to reveal the secret I’m about to reveal about unblocking your mind-brain-spirit system from receiving wealth. 

The secret is- money (mainly the US currency) is worthless! And no, I'm not talking about Fiat money, I'm talking about the physical composition of the seven denominations of U.S. currency.

It is not made from anything precious, pretty much it’s like attracting a cheap t-shirt! Why is money like a cheap t-shirt? Well, the biggest misconception is that money is made of paper. Nope, money is made from 75% cotton and 25% linen. So money is just a refined cloth that is disguised as paper. 

How To Get Results With Money Subliminals And Make Them Work - The Complete Key To The Law Of Attraction

So why are you broke? You are broke because you see money as something precious and hard to come by when it is not, it’s just made to seem that way by the people that want to keep it away from you. 

The secret of making money subliminals work every time is thinking about one dollar being worthless and a million dollars as being worthless. What makes money worth anything is the value other people give it. 

Now, whenever you listen to a money subliminal think about how easy it is to obtain something that is worthless and something that is so easy to come by. A $100 dollar bill is a worthless yet precious item in the mind of the beholder. 

When I hold a $100 dollar bill, I remind myself that I love this worthless rectangle and I cherish its appearance in my life just as I cherish seeing the Sun and moon every day. It is part of my cycle of adoration because seeing the 7 denominations of worthless fiber, (U.S. currency) means something to me. 

I cherish a worthless thing like an eccentric or odd fellow collects all sizes of paper clips and hoards them his entire life. Instead of paperclips, I choose to cherish worthless rectangles printed by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing and hoard them. 

So how do you see money now? How many excuses can someone or some corporation make when it comes to not giving you some of their worthless paper? 

Well, you have to provide them with something of value in exchange for giving up their worthless paper to you. 

I mean they adore it just as much as you do but what do they adore or want more than their worthless rectangles of green-inked cotton-linen? What can you offer them that will separate them from their numbers-on-a-screen? 

The next biggest secret is you have to have an exchange set up in your mind for the amount of money you want to attract.

For example, let’s say you want to attract $10,000 you must imagine that you have a velvet pouch of diamonds worth $30,000 and you are willing to sell them to an incredibly eager jeweler from the diamond district at a steep discount of $10,000. 

Now he has a briefcase full of crisp $100 dollar bills totaling $100,000 but you only want $10,000 dollars worth of his worthless cotton-linen rectangles. 

He accepts your offer and he even adds another $5,000 on top of what he agreed to pay you as a sign of good faith. He finishes off the deal saying..” Ahhh here’s an extra five grand as a sign of good faith.”

Now while you are listening to any money subliminal you should make the cash exchange in your mind, see the exchange like a real movie. I make cash exchanges all the time sometimes I don’t provide discounts and I attract money all the time. 

I’ll finish listening to money subliminal for three days straight with at least ten exchanges that I write down in a spiral notebook and I get very creative. 

Think of it this way: The Universal Law Of Attraction is that in order to receive money from someone you must offer them something that they deem equally or more valuable to them in exchange for the money. 

Example 2: I visualize visiting a watch enthusiast, a private collector and I offer to sell him The Patek Philippe 5980/1R which costs around $90,000, it is mint condition and the private collector accepted my original price at $70,000. 

He inspected the watch and gave me a thick manila envelope with $70,000 in 700 $100 dollar bills. 

Not bad for a mental exchange while listening to The Money Raining On Me Subliminal.

Now, what is the purpose of setting up and completing mental exchanges in your mind? 

When you set up and complete a mental exchange in your mind you are using and firing off the same neurons and carving the same dendrites (neural pathways) as if you really made the exchange in real life. 

How To Get Results With Money Subliminals And Make Them Work - The Complete Key To The Law Of Attraction

This is the Absolute and Complete Key To The Law Of Attraction. No one on Earth has taught this anywhere and at any time until Now. 

Step 1. Choose a money subliminal on YouTube

Step 2. Set up an exchange even if you have to write it down. You should make it a simple exchange. Remember all good stories start as close to the end as possible. I recommend you create your exchange visualization at the closest point of exchange and not make it too elaborate.

Step 3. Now perform the visualization of the entire exchange and use your emotions to feel really happy when the other party hands you the money and pays you.

Step 4. Imagine getting a call from your buyer in which the buyer expresses complete and total satisfaction with their purchase.

Step 5. Do this while listening to any money subliminal and you will get results.

Pro Tip 1: Now that you add your exchanges you can feel confident that all the affirmations in the money subliminal are just icing on the cake. 

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