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By Triple A Tanzanite - August 25, 2021


Main Script:

Boxing is my life, I'm dedicated to the sweet science in my camp.

I use the jab, the cross, the hook, the uppercut, I'm dedicated to training like a champ.

I have agile footwork and sharp defensive skills.

I am dedicated to defense so I'm adding more defensive drills.

In practice and training, I throw thousands of punches.

Hitting the heavy bag, shadow boxing, punches with resistance, doing thousands of crunches.

I do hundreds of push-ups, use weights, and resistance.

I run for 8 miles and push my mind and body to go the distance.

I'm a power puncher, with crushing power in both hands.

When I punch my punches feel like my opponent got hit with a brick in both hands.

I punch with crushing force that stops my opponent.

My advanced strength training and crushing punching power are one of my components.

Along with my speed and agility because I need the ability to move faster.

And move past the punches thrown by my opponent as I make them lose faster.

I focus on my opponent my mind never wanders or drifts.

My slick defensive skills frustrate my opponents as they begin to notice my gifts.

I'm physically stronger than all my opponents.

In training, I work hard on my breath control and keep my mouth closed when I'm breathing.

I breathe through my nose, and always control my breathing.

I spar with 15 sparring partners in one day. 

So when my opponents see me not breathing hard in the later rounds they know I didn't come to play.

I hit the heavy bag for 30 minutes straight.

I do mitts for 30 minutes straight.

I throw a right above the navel of my opponent.

I knock opponents out in the first round.

I feel fresh in the 12th round like I felt in the first round.

My endurance, fitness, and training keeps me feeling fresh for every round of the fight.

If I go the distance my determination and persistence during training make my body feel light.

When my opponent lands a punch, I throw a punch and land back.

I land a punch or a combo before my opponent pulls their hand back.

I am a slick counter puncher I hit with power and speed.

I use my upper body and lower body in combination to give my punches the power they need.

I perfect my hooks and jabs I sharpen my craft and punches.

So when I'm deep in a war my opponent can't ever telegraph my punches.

I'm telling staff the lunches, breakfasts, and dinners have to be nutrient-dense and portioned.

Every meal I eat makes me feel healthy, stronger, and awesome.

I run longer and faster, my punches are stronger and faster.

I feel a major boost in speed and strength.

I train harder with breath control because I need the length.

I'm gaining the perfect mass for my weight class and I have faster momentum on my punches.

In fact, I can see a higher level of accuracy with faster momentum on my punches.

I have knockout power and we train the hardest for a distance plan.

So in training, I throw a plethora of punches while my arms are attached to resistance bands.

I do squats, explosive jumps, and dynamic core training.

Then I hit the heavy bag for 30 mins then do some more training.

I am deep in the forest chopping large heaps of wood with a large axe.

Using a sledgehammer to hit the large truck tires with hard whacks.

When I'm whacking the tires I'm also lifting the tires and flipping them over.

I'm using the ax and using the sledgehammer on the tires and flipping them over and over.

I skip rope over and over, I'm slick like a cobra dripping in sweat.

I'm hitting the bag, sparring and hitting the mitts doing push-ups in multiple sets.

I work out my neck with a neck harness and train my neck in reps of multiple sets.

I train my neck and upper back muscles so I can take a punch because of the strength in my neck.

I am a champion I make the sacrifices of the best of the best. 

I never cut corners my opponents are goners soon as I step in the ring.

Between rounds when we're both in our corners I'm breathing in deeper, adjusting and doing my thing.

In training, I'm throwing thousands of punches with accuracy, power, and speed.

In training I'm sparring with 15 partners a day doing 15 rounds, I know what I need.

I have amazing accuracy with crushing power and defensive skills setting a trap.

I knock out my opponent defending my title, I'm the champ that's taking their strap.

Subliminal Script: 

I have explosive punching power that knocks out my opponent in both hands.

I spend hours on the speed bag.

I set traps for my opponents with masterful defensive skills.

My punches have lightning-fast momentum that land accurately every time.

Everyone in the gym sees my dedication and persistence to be the best boxer ever.

I listen to my coaches and trainers.

I know how to throw the right hand. 

I know when to throw the right hand.

I know where to throw the right hand. 

I know how long to throw the right hand. 

I know how short to throw the right hand.

I know how hard to throw the right hand.

I know how to throw the left hand. 

I know when to throw the left hand.

I know where to throw the left hand. 

I know how long to throw the left hand. 

I know how short to throw the left hand.

I know how hard to throw the left hand.

I deeply focus in the gym, during training, and in the ring.

I practice my breath control at all times.

I punch using specific hot spots and targets that weaken my opponent.

I jump rope for hours during training.

I use the neck harness to strengthen my neck and upper back muscles.

I use weights and resistance bands to increase the speed and power of my punches.

I have a deeply profound passion for boxing.

I have heart and courage.

I chop piles and piles of wood with a large ax.

I repeatedly hit huge truck tires with a large heavy sledgehammer.

I do hundreds of crunches, dips, and pushups during training.

I am very confident, I am more confident than my opponents.

I eat the right foods so I can be in optimal shape.

I create a master skillset of defense.

I use explosive jumping, in training to increase punching power.

I deeply believe in myself and my skills.

I run for 8 miles every day.

I hit the mitts for 30 minutes per day during training.

I keep my mouth closed during training and during a fight and practice breath control.

I hit harder to the body to weaken my opponent.

I have a deep focus and tunnel vision in the gym, in life, and in the ring at all times.

I use jabs, crosses, hooks, and uppercuts to hurt my opponent.

I have a champion's spirit.

I have a character of a winner that sees the victory through and through.

I adapt to everything.

I complete my goals and tasks.

I am a champion boxer.

I am a very accurate power puncher with crushing knockout power.

I successfully defend all of my straps.