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33 Magical Phrases To Get Results From Any Subliminal

By Triple A Tanzanite - August 25, 2021
33 Magical Phrases To Get Results From Any Subliminal

If you're having a problem with worrying about receiving results from any subliminal don't feel alone. All of us at one point in time have had issues with letting the subliminal affirmations seep into our subconsciousness by blocking our results with worrying and lack of confidence. 

The 33 Magical Phrases To Get Results From Any Subliminal will help you seal off all doubt, lack of confidence, and mistrust you may have after you complete any subliminal. 

Instructions: After you perform the emotional process during your subliminal session use any of the 33 Magical Phrases to anchor yourself in complete trust of the magical manifesting powers of the Universe. 

These phrases should be repeated whenever your mind wanders and you roll back into doubt. As soon as you feel doubt say one of the 33 Magical Phrases or use a combination of them to ward off any nagging of results.

  1. The Magic Is Working.
  2. I Trust The Universe To Deliver My Result.
  3. I Have Faith In The Universe.
  4. I Know The Universe Hears My Desire.
  5. I Feel The Power Of The Universe Working In My Life.
  6. I Am One With All, All Is One With Me.
  7. I Have Faith As Tiny As A Mustard Seed.
  8. My Result Is The Only Acceptable Reality.
  9. The Universe Is Following My Command.
  10. The Universe Is Delivering Assistance.
  11. The Pre-Existent Source Is The Provider Of All Providers.
  12. I Feel A Change In My Heart And Soul.
  13. My Reality Is Now Shifting.
  14. I Have Shifted.
  15. My Reality Has Shifted.
  16. I See My Result Manifested.
  17. I Feel My Result Manifested.
  18. I Know My Result Manifested.
  19. I Trust The Universe To Manifest My Result.
  20. The Emotional Alchemy Has Taken Place.
  21. I Believe And I Know My Result Has Manifested.
  22. The Universe Has Manifested My Result.
  23. My Will Is Born Into A New Reality.
  24. I Know God Hears Me Because Of My Faith In The Universe.
  25. I Am That I Am.
  26. Be, And It Is.
  27. So Be It.
  28. It Is Done.
  29. It Is.
  30. God Himself Provides And It Is. 
  31. As I Was Born So Has My Desire Manifested.
  32. Angels Are Assisting Me Now.
  33. I Create As I Speak.